Sunday, May 21, 2017

MMM Day 21

Today I wore a partial repeat but had the opportunity to wear a favorite from last year's hot weather.

This is the Eureka top, another pattern from the Sewing Workshop. I've never made the skirt but the top is an easy make and often just right for warm weather. The fabric is a rayon navy and white pin stripe. I always like sewing with stripes - so many ways to use it.

The pants are, once again, my super light weight one-seams.

I think I'm back home for a while and may be able to vary the final 10 days of Me-Made-May a bit more. Meanwhile here are some works-in-progress, intentionally slow-going.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

MMM Day 20

I'm headed to a softball tournament for granddaughter. It should be warm. No, it'll be hot:


These are the lightest pants I own in a very light weight denim. They are the tapered one-seams from Cutting Line Designs. I just shortened them a tad for summer wear. Slightly cropped seems better to me than pooled at my ankles. Especially when it's hot.


This is the tank or shell view of the MixIt pattern from the Sewing Workshop. Nothing could be easier to make and wear, IMO. This fabric is a linen-cotton blend in a cross dye of navy and cream.

Friday, May 19, 2017

MMM Day 19

Hello, on this 19th day of Me-Made-May 2017!

My chosen ensemble today is an easy one:


This is the MixIt top from the Sewing Workshop, one I've made over and over again. It's such a great top for hot weather. This time, for reasons I cannot recall, I placed the opening in the back. I now plan to put this in the mending pile. I think I'll shift the opening back to the front. I should remember that I like that V-neck effect.


These are the Hudson pants, also from TSW, and another favorite pattern. If I could, I'd probably wear these every day! Just look at those cool darts at the ankle.

I do have quite a pile going in the mend category. I think that's fun too. I hope your day contains at least a few moments of fabric play.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

MMM Day 18

Today's focus on catching up did not demand much of me so I dressed in this easy ensemble:


These are a variation on the Urban pants from the Sewing Workshop (TSW). I omitted the front vent and, instead, there is simply a vertical seam on each leg. These pants, and others from TSW, have an elastic waist but a portion of the front is flat, creating a smooth front. The fabric is a medium weight cotton cross-dyed black and white.


This is a variation on the Eureka top, also from the Sewing Workshop. The pattern calls for a knit; here I've used a light-weight cotton pique. I also changed the neckline to a V-neck.

Indygo Junction Urban Tunic

This is a tunic I finished before I left for my trip to Paris. I even wore it once to dinner. Now I finally have time to blog about it.

I love it.

The Urban Tunic from Indygo Junction first came to my attention at Camp Runamuck, where Theresa discusses weaving, sewing, and the state of the union. I loved her versions and now believe I'll be making various versions of it too.

I made a partial toile (muslin) before cutting into my black linen. Much was revealed. I could see that I needed to lower the bust point about an inch, add a bit for hip room, and carefully ease in some fullness in the front armscye where gaposis was beginning. I also added 3 inches to the length so that it would be a dress, rather than a tunic. 

I chose the view with the cowl neckline. I like this in principle but in practice it is a little low for my comfort. I wore it last night with a necklace and that helped a bit.

I love the pockets. They are the simple in-seam style with little bulk because the pocket is stitched to the dress. I prefer this over a loose pocket with extra floppy bulk right where I don't want it. 

I finished the armscye with bias binding made from the black linen. It's a finish that appeals to me more than facings, at least in this case.

The additional 3 inches I added to the length did make this long enough to be considered a dress. Just. I added another bias strip of the linen to the hemline using a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Then I pressed it to the wrong side and top-stitched three times to secure it. I left the edge of the bias raw on the inside of the hem to avoid a lump.

I'd like to make another Urban Tunic soon, perhaps with the boat neck. That is the neckline used in my toile and it is just right. It might be that if I make this in a lighter color, I'll be brave enough to wear it with naked legs. My legs are so pale, it would almost have to be a white dress. We'll see.

In sum, I highly recommend this pattern and expect to be making more as tunics and, maybe, dresses. You know how it is with dresses. They are not the first item I grab when I'm getting dressed in the morning. 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

MMM Day 17

Boring, but entirely me-made.

Almost home!


The cleanest in my suitcase, these are the Helix pants in gray ponte.


This is the Hibiscus shirt, an out-of-print (OOP) pattern from the Sewing Workshop, sleeves rolled up for warm, warm weather.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

MMM Day 16

Patisserie in Paris - beautiful, of course!

Today I started my trek home. This picture was taken right outside our hotel in Paris, Signature, as we left for the Orly airport.

Our hostesses at the Signature were very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend it. Great location - St. Germaine area.

Quirky lobby, comfortable rooms


These are my workhorse wool one-seams from Cutting Line Designs. The wool is quite light-weight and they are comfortable.


This is the Madrid top from the Sewing Workshop. It is an interesting gauzy wool that is black on one side and navy blue on the other.


This is the Marcy Tilton coat again, Vogue 8934. I've been surprised at how much I've appreciated having it along for the trip.

Tomorrow I continue Me-Made-May in Atlanta. I suspect I'll have no need for a coat!