Sunday, July 25, 2010

SWAP - the colors

As I look at this pile of fabric, I'm still struggling to select a color scheme for the Sew Incredibles Sewing With A Plan challenge. So I'm posting these combinations to see what sticks. I feel I need to make something like a coat and pants out of that light grey wool that Cynthia Guffey talked me into at Expo 2009, yes Expo 2009, not 2010. I worry when I keep wool. Will little bugs crawl in there and destroy it. Will it develop permanent folds? Will it fade? I refold it from time to time and store it in a dark closet, but yet... I was really inspired by Hellenne's reversible linen coat and so I'm drawn to that solid dark gray linen, but it hasn't really aged - bought in the now defunct Silk Road shop in Austin TX in June. And here's the coat I'm considering - Sewing Workshop's Verona Coat. I made the muslin in a Small on top and Medium on the bottom. It's too tight on top to wear a sweater under so I've just added the tissue (back) to the pattern pieces. Next I'll cut out a new muslin in a basic size Medium.

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