Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sewing for Grandgirls

Kyoto dress
Shirred sun dress
Ice cream dress
I was just thinking - what happened to March? Then I realized that I spent a lot of time making grandgirl clothes. I made the Oliver and S Ice Cream dress for the 5 year old and the 7 year old, though in different fabrics. That pattern is a little pricey but I love the styling, and the instructions are pretty good too - very thorough. Each of them also got a shirred sun dress. What fun those were to make - just thread that narrow elastic thread into the bobbin and away you go! Just stitch, steam and finish. My 5 year old grandgirl also received a Kyoko dress, a pattern by ModKid. She calls it her Mulan dress. My 7 year old grandgirl is receiving a little Ottobre varsity-style jacket since she lives way up north and won't be wearing a bare sun dress for a while.

Varsity jacket
Now I'm ready to make something for myself. I took Pam Howard's fitted sheath class and I'm anxious to make a few - some as dresses, some as tops. I'm not sure I really like me in a dress but they are really comfortable, so we'll see.


  1. Oh I just love the Ice Cream Dress pattern. Yours look great! How stylish the girls will be. I have that Kyoto pattern but am stuck on what fabrics to use. LOVE your choices.

  2. As it always is for your own garments, your styling and sewing for your grandgirls is exceptional. Thanks for sharing.