Friday, September 9, 2011

A Little Nightie

Elastic added to sleeve hems

Lace added to hem

Nightgown B5357
This is another version of Butterick 5357, which is a very simple pattern for a peasant blouse. I made myself a PJ top out of this pattern and have enjoyed it, so thought it might make a good present for DD.

The fabric is a soft cotton plaid from Gail K in Atlanta. It may be cotton lawn. The plaid is woven into the fabric and it seems not to have a front or back side to it. Because it is a good quality fabric, it was very easy to match the plaid at the side seams. It was a dream to sew. I think it will wash and dry nicely.

This time, I lengthened the pattern and added some elastic to the sleeve hems. My PJ top seems to have wings which is fine but not all that pretty. So I thought the elastic would tame the wild wings. I like the way it looks on the hanger.

It's very hard to sew for DD but I am hopeful with this little birthday gift. She is a sweet and thoughtful appreciator of my sewing activities, especially when her children are the beneficiaries, but I've not had good luck with clothes for her. She goes for simplicity in style, fit and pattern. And she's very happy with things from the Big Box stores.

She and I have very different bodies - I am a pear; she is an inverted triangle. I don't mind weird stuff if I perceive it to be funky. She is a busy mom of four and doesn't have time for much funkiness. I have a hard time reshaping my choices.

Maybe she'll will like (and wear) this. I hope so!

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