Tuesday, December 27, 2011


For some time now, I've wanted to try out some of the more off-beat feet that go with my 1956 Singer Featherweight. Since reading some of David Coffin's shirt-making book, I have aspired to use the narrow hemmer. This one is supposed to produce a 1/8 inch double-folded hem.

Well, let me just say, BLEEHHHHH!

But I digress. The best advice I've found online is this:

  1. Press the beginning of the hem into place and start by simply top-stitching, bypassing the hemmer mechanism completely.
  2. Then after an inch or so, stop with the needle down and begin to fiddle with the fabric about to feed under the needle, twisting it until it falls into the little groove of the spiral or corkscrew.
  3. Then begin to sew, holding the fabric slightly aloft, aligning the left raw edge with the left mark on the foot, and the fold matched up with the right mark on the foot.
This creates a nice fold and a lovely straight stitch but the stitch is to the left of the fold, not on the fold.

So sorry for this truly boring post. But I wondered. Do any of you have advice?

Never mind. That particular little foot does not go with that particular little machine. Mama's 1950 Singer uses it though, and it makes satisfactory narrow hem.

On to the Nikko jacket!

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