Thursday, April 12, 2012

Am I a girl again?

This is not about sewing. I know this is a sewing blog. It's called Now Sewing. But right now it should be called Now Stewing. What is going on?

First some of the thirty-somethings even in my own family seem content to refer to every female person as a girl. These are successful young women with children of their own, daughters even. And they don't want to know anything about the history of the women's movement. Even women my age refer to female persons as girls.

Even our breasts are referred to as *the girls.*

And now, one of my favorite blogs Wearable Art, posts this one about Retro Aprons. What does this mean?

My mother is spinning in her grave. This is the woman who covered her cooktop in house plants. Looked good. God, I miss her.


  1. I am glad I am not the only one that dislikes being referred to as a girl. Blech!

  2. I haven't been a girl since I graduated from HS. What used to drive me crazy was when organizations (esp women's organizations) used to refer to each other as Mrs. John W. last name. Since the women were "Mrs" your husbands name, even in yearbooks, with no first name, it was as if we had no identity other than who we were married to. They don't do it anymore.