Monday, December 17, 2012

Breathlessly Continuing HMH

Hand-made Holidays (HMH) continue. One more gift done: PJs for DD.

Despite my enthusiasm for garment sewing, I have rarely succeeded in making satisfactory clothes for DD. Her wedding dress was a happy exception.

Part of my problem is that she is petite and slim. Slim is pretty easy. Petite is not, especially without the benefit of several fitting sessions.

Undaunted I continue trying to sew for DD with these very simple pajamas. McCall's 5992 includes unisex pajama pieces. I made a camp shirt style top and pull-on pants with a combination of elastic and draw-string.

The fabric is a super soft cotton flannel from Tiny Stitches, a local quilt store, in coordinating prints. It was such a pleasure to sew.

The pattern is ho-hum, especially now that I am spoiled by drafting, illustrations, and instructions from Louise Cutting.  I adapted some favorite techniques from her including the addition of a back facing, steps for the collar attachment, and lots of top-stitching.

DD is too slim for my dress form.
I now realize that I should've simply used Louise's version of the camp shirt and her one-seams.

Now if these just fit...


  1. These are really cute and thanks for the tip on the LC patterns.

  2. Ahhhh, to be so slim. Only in my dreams! Cute jammies.

  3. Lucky DD - slim and new PJ's! What more could a girl want???

  4. lovely PJ's the nice thing about PJ's if they are a little too big it doesn't matter as much - sure she will love them.

  5. Irrespective of what goes down... those fabrics together are lovely :) Fingers crossed!

  6. Very nice Pj's - here's hoping they fit

  7. Such gorgeous pyjamas!! I just adore the colours and prints together.