Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Thai Wrap Save Continues

In my previous post, I asked for advice on this the Thai wrap top by folkwear minus the sleeves. Thanks to those of you who offered me advice on this, Each suggestion was valuable, and tested.

So, to recap, here is how muslin 1 finished:
It is too short, especially in the back. I really like the fit through the shoulders and the bust. It wraps in a modest and pleasing manner, I think.

Next I cut a muslin from an old sheet. I added 4 inches to the length and gave my high hip fluff a little more room in the back. I also created (straight) shoulder seams in case I wanted to clip the shoulder wings. Making muslin 2 taught me some important characteristics of this pattern:
muslin 2

Muslin 1 was not only too long but too narrow. As it happens, this requires no change because a natural place for the closures falls along the princess lines created by the triangular center front piece. The side seam hangs correctly, even with this change.

The back is actually on the bias and has a tendency to hike up at the lower hem particularly as it stretches out. So, note to self - cut wide SAs in the back to allow the bias to grow and reshape itself. And I'll need to let it hang before completing the center back or the side seams.

And, yes, the shoulder wings needed to be clipped.

Here is iteration 3:
muslin 3

With muslin 3, I clipped the wings over my hips. That is, I stitched the side seam following the grainline, rather than winging out, as the original pattern does.

Muslin 4 incorporates more of the same, with adjustments in the sleeve width.
muslin 4
I think this may be ready for something truly wearable. Now I have to decide whether to use the muslin as a pattern, or do something more interesting with it. It might be fun to dye, stamp, paint...

Meanwhile, just for fun, I talked DD1 into modeling muslin 1 for me.

Unsurprisingly, it looks so, so much better on her. She is quite a bit shorter than I am and has slim hips. And she is a tad younger than I am. Well, ok, more than a tad.

She tells me that the wrap thing is out of style.

Here is the way she prefers it, but I still did not talk her into putting it in her closet.


  1. Wow! I thought #2 looked pretty good! hahaha! shows how much I know! Great progress.

  2. After all that, and she tells you it is not in style!? Dang! I like the changes you made, especially the length.

  3. I like it on both of you. I do like wrap tops...I didn't know there weren't in style. LOL!!!

  4. " And she is a tad younger than I am. Well, ok, more than a tad." This is not a bad thing in a daughter ;)

    It's really nice to see your different muslins on this. I think you've ended up with a really wearable piece that will play well in your closet :) At the same time, i do like the more traditional Thai shape of #1 on you too. DD looks great in the blue one, i esp. like it worn open as she has styled it.

    Happy Sewing!! steph

  5. Muslin 4 looks great! Nice analysis and solution(s)