Friday, June 13, 2014

Camp Sew N Sew

Camp Sew N Sew continues for the 6th year. This year, there was a new twist. We had two weeks - one for girls living in a temporary home near my church, and one for the youth at my church.

Each day the workrooms started out sort of like the picture at left. We had lots of borrowed sewing machines and kits for everyone.

During the first week, we made pillow cases, make-up bags, wallets, portfolio covers, and totes. During week 2, we had one beginners class making similar items.

We also had an *advanced* class during week 2. Three of the girls were returning for their 6th year and so their skills are coming along nicely. Each selected her own pattern and fabric.

Here are some of the items made:
Ready to hem!
She finished 2 skirts!

This one will be ready for DragonCon
Patchwork tote
Travel bag
PJ pants

Monogrammed pillow cases and little pillows
Advanced girls helped each other

Small wallets

She made fabulous pockets!

Upcycling a hand-me-down

Some of us


  1. Camp Sew N Sew is giving those girls memories they will have forever!

  2. What a wonderful camp - fun and worthwhile - and productive. Fabulous!

  3. I wish I'd have known, would have been glad to help out. Next year! And a good place for all that extra fabric we have leftover from Spring Fling.