Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Functional Art


In any case, sometimes I just have to make something. Beginning, middle, end. How about you? Do you ever have that overwhelming urge?

Last week at Fiber Art Fusion, Melinda led us in a workshop on using mystery and other non-quilt-cotton fabrics to make a needle book, or a small bag. She encouraged us to experiment with all the decorative stitches on our machines in the tradition of crazy quilts.

It was such fun. I brought my little patchwork piece home and proceeded to stitch with some rayon thread, using a variety of machine stitches. It was interesting but ultimately I was not entranced with it.

So it went in the trash.

But I was still in the mood, so I started over, using swatches from Sawyer Brook and sewing projects. This time, I used hand-stitches to embellish. I cannot say if I will ever use it, but it was satisfying to make.

Dimensions: about 5.5 x 5.5 inches
Old macrame beads
quilt cotton, wool, knits, linen, silk
embroidery with #5 DMC pearl cotton


  1. I like it-perfect for a credit card and Carmex.

  2. oh, this reminds me of Diane Erickson's comment that she often makes pieces, with no idea what she will do with them. They show up later as parts of garments-collars, pockets etc. I think that approach is freeing.

  3. I believe I understand--the urge to do, to finish! And someday, you may find the perfect place to use thar piece and complete yet another project.