Thursday, November 20, 2014

Something finished.

This one took a long time.

It started with some fabrics in lovely fall colors that I stacked and whacked and stitched back together. I particularly like the gray shirting piece and the rough off-white hand-spun looking pieces with the commercially printed pieces.

about 35 inches square

Next was the insertion of a black and white piece. Just a touch of black and white to ground it. And all the pieces were sewn together.

Finally I started quilting: layered with soft cotton flannel batting and a tone on tone rich brown for the back. The machine stitching is done in parallel lines at different angles. This left good-sized swaths for hand-quilting.

Lots of hand-quilting. Because I wondered how it would be to hand-quilt with just the seed stitch.

It's cold here now as in most of the US. Unseasonably cold. The colors of fall are disappearing and the brown branches of winter are taking over. Brown is my favorite color today.


  1. Fantastic .. just a gorgeous work of art! Are you enticed to create you very own stylish jacket or long vest out of such a fabric original? This sure has the feel of the fabulous kantha cloth items at SG now. I sure hope you do. Kudos!

  2. Wow - this is gorgeous! I can't believe all of the hand stitching; it's so well done. I, too, would love to see you make a jacket with this kind of stitching and piecing going on. It would be fabulous!

  3. Beautiful quilt, filled with spirit.

  4. Very beautiful--you are an inspiring fiber artist!

  5. I too think a jacket made with this technique would be fabulous!

  6. oh, the seed stitch looks like a cup of rice spilled on the counter. Very pretty, very interesting.