Tuesday, August 25, 2015

(Small) Six Pocket Tote

This free pattern has been available at the Better Homes and Gardens website for a while. I made it a number of years ago for my daughter. Today I finished one for my granddaughter.

Both times I was surprised at the size. Somehow the finished measurements did not register. Either time. It just looks larger than 8 x 10 x 4 in the pictures. Or maybe it's the word *tote* that throws me. I think it's more of a medium size purse.

I might try it again someday with larger dimensions.

It's quite a good tote pattern, especially given that it is free. They recommend 1/4 inch seam allowances which seems too small to me with all those layers. Mine are more like 3/8 inch seam allowances.

Here is the BHG version compared with mine:

BHG version - super cute fabrics, right?

It started with a visit to my son's house last month. My granddaughter selected some fabric at a local quilt store. We played around with hexies which are all the rage in one of my groups. She produced this little flower shape before she became bored. So I promised her I would make her a tote with that on the outside.

Hope she approves!


  1. Very cute, she'll love it! When my garment mojo fails me, I love making bags like this... thx for the tip about the pattern

  2. Lovely! I'm with Kate - I love making cute pouches and totes - they really get my mojo going! I particularly like the fabric you used with text in it. I'm sure that you will have one happy Granddaughter!

  3. A very sweet collaboration, Martha!

  4. I'm sure your granddaughter will love her tote; it's so cute.

  5. Love both totes. Especially the green one, the fabric is so pretty!

  6. Lovely - she made beautiful fabric choices - has your excellent eye!!