Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Just a Little Sashiko

Last June I made this white linen shirt from The Sewing Workshop Mix It pattern:

I was especially pleased with the cuffs. The design sprang from a severe shortage of fabric.

It was lovely to sew, all that wonderful linen. But I did not wear it. You know how it works - you put it on and then take it off again. And then it just stayed in the closet.

So I added a little sashiko at the high waist and at the shoulders. I also added a few rows around the collar. Again it was a delight to sew. I wore it yesterday but it remains to be seen if I'll wear it. I do think I will now.

Yeah, the sashiko is pretty subtle.

Last night I celebrated 7-year-old grandsons birthday and came home with a few stains. White linen is like a food magnet for me.

PS - He liked the PJs I made him. He is not so sure about the dress shirt. I expected that. DD and DSIL were so thoughtful and ooohhhed and awwed over it. And if he wears it, my heart will sing.


  1. It's so incredible what a few stitches will do to transform something! I like them very much.

    Such a cute pic of your grandson!

  2. My guess is the next step is dye. Not that the sashiko texture isn't lovely!

  3. I love this shirt. Your sewing is impeccable, as usual and the sashiko lends an extra special touch. A real classic shirt. If I might make a suggestion? Have you thought about switching out the buttons? I like the white, but if you are not 'feeling' this top, that might make the difference? Perhaps even a texture, rather than color?

  4. Greyann - I love this idea! Thanks so much. I'm shopping the stash now but may need to go shopping for real. I think you are right about the buttons.

  5. I have recently subscribed to your blog...and I always find inspiration from the patterns that you choose! I had considered the Mixit patter but had not bought it. Now that I can see how it looks I will! It's beautiful and, with summer coming , and th addition of sashiko..I bet that you will wear it often! Thanks for your blog!

  6. I love the inspiration for not giving up on a top, as well as for being aware of what you wear and don't. I adore the sashiko - a very good fit for what was a good canvas to begin with.