Thursday, June 23, 2016


It is hot summer time where I live so it is time for Super Simple Sewing.

And this is about as simple as it gets. The top is the tank from Sewing Workshop's MixIt pattern, a pattern full of TNT's. The tank is the simplest. The bust darts have been rotated into the hem and released. It fits through the shoulders and upper chest and skims the rest. Just right.

The pants are also from TSW, the Hudson pants, yet another TNT. For summer, I decided I would enjoy shorter pants, not shorts, but as close to shorts as I should wear anymore. I removed 8 inches from the hem which also eliminated the darts that make these pants cute and funky. That is fine. I just wanted simple pants.

The fabric for both pieces is a Michael Kaufman Brussels Washer (a blend of linen and rayon). Both are also shot pieces with red (or blue) weft and cream warp. Or maybe the other way around. I purchased it from Twill Fabric and Yarn in downtown Nashua NH, a very sweet shop.

Each piece  has a pretty selvage, I think, so I cut the pants crosswise in order to use that for the hem. I wonder if I have enough of the navy blue left over for a small bag like Mary's?

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  1. Let me add elegant to your simple title. Nice makes Martha and the Brussel's washer is great fabric. I noticed that the shot BR as compared to the solid color shrinks more in length.
    Oh and I loved your little elephant quilt, just didn't get back to mention it in time!