Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Eureka, Again

I'm preparing for a trip and it's going to be warm, so I'm adding a few hot-weather items to my closet. The Eureka seemed a natural as I really like my most recent rendition in a navy rayon pin-stripe.

The new one may be just a little too plain. I started out with some ideas for changing it up a bit. First I added 3 inches to the length, thinking it might work as a tunic. It didn't.

A little *pocket* bag just finished too.
I tried it on before attaching the cuffs and instantly thought, oh, no, scrubs. Definitely not the look I was after. It had to be shortened. But I also think that the green cotton pique is just a little too flat. The texture of the rayon pin-stripe is much prettier.

Then I created a V-neck but my idea was not totally successful. I realized that, it there is a sharp turn across the shoulders, then it is nearly impossible to force the bias binding to hug the neck. The neckline in the Eureka is a narrow oval, rather than a more rounded jewel neckline.

In sum, the garment is just OK. I think that, mid-trip, I may be very happy to have it on hand.

I am ready to sew for cooler weather now. I am certainly ready to put hot weather behind me. What about you? Are you sewing for the coming season?

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