Friday, September 16, 2016

Sewing on My Mind

Alcazar, Seville, Spain

When I am not sewing or cannot sew, I am constantly dreaming of sewing. I see people in interesting clothes and I try to determine how they are made. I see colors, shapes, textures, and I wonder how those could be translated into sewing.

Figs in the market, Barcelona, Spain

Spices, nuts, sweets in beautiful fall colors, Market in Barcelona

La Pedrera, Gaudi house in Barcelona, Spain

You, too?

Seville, Spain, hotel steps

And I'm always on the look-out for fabric stores. Funny thing - when I found one, then another would appear. They seemed to cluster.

Julian Lopez, Seville Spain
Three pieces came home with me from stores in Madrid and Seville. I wish I had bought more!

Cotton and lycra knit, black cotton pique, viscose knit (border print, mostly black)
And did you know that you can buy patterns in a newsstand? No English spoken but *Pattrones* was the magic word! Each of these is chocked full of patterns to trace and cost 5 Euro each. What a deal.

And now I am ready to return to my normal life!


  1. What a wonderful haul!!! Lovely fabrics (drool, drool).

  2. Martha, the photos you have shared are so enchanting-I love the colors and the textures.

  3. Love those tile patterns! Glad you had a great trip.