Saturday, October 15, 2016

Two Liberties

This has been a favorite pattern for many years. I have made it in coordinated cotton and silk fabrics, as well as a rich turquoise silk dupioni. It must be a top-selling pattern from The Sewing Workshop (TSW) with its Issey-Miyake-styling. I've seen and admired many created by other makers.

One variation I've wanted to try is the t-shirt version. Knit fabric is cut so that the center front (CF) of the front piece is placed on the fold. Here is one I just finished in a sheer linen knit:

The front piece has a deep notch cut at the lower center front. This is hemmed to the facing. I forgot its purpose and so had to just cut it shorter and then use a hem facing. Facing the hem, as opposed to just folding it up, added some nice weight, I think.

I dinked around with the neckline almost to the point of ruining it. The neckline had to be cut down in order for it to slip over my head. It took 3 tries to get it right.

The simple slits in the sleeve seam is one of my favorite features of this pattern. But it is a little too slouchy with the sleeves down, so I roll them up twice when I wear it. The fabric is yummy up against my skin. It feels almost like silk.

This is a super comfortable top to wear but it feels oddly sloppy and frail at the same time.

So I made another one, using a pretty shirting from Gail K here in Atlanta. It was such a pleasure to make and I know I'll wear it a lot. There is something fresh about a simple white blouse.

The original collar on the Liberty is a Peter Pan collar rolled up to created a ripple effect. I like it but wanted to go more classic with this white shirt. So I borrowed the collar stand from the Florence shirt (also from TSW), making about 1/2 inch deeper as a stand-alone collar.

With this version, I will not be rolling up the sleeves so I'll enjoy that sweet slit in the sleeve seam.

When I finished this shirt, I had to go to Gail K to buy the buttons. It took such restraint to avoid walking out with yet another yummy cotton shirting. There were some terrific stripes and I know the Liberty is striking in a stripe!

I seem to be on a roll with older patterns at the moment. I'm sure I'll make another Liberty before long.


  1. Can't beat a white shirt but your red linen version is perfect.

  2. So pretty - great white shirt. And nice collar, refreshing...

  3. This shirt is on my to do list - I've had it for at least two years, so it's about time! Your two versions are delightful, and it would never occur to me to make it from a knit, so thank you for putting it in my head :)!

  4. I like both, but the white cotton version is STUNNING! You are so lucky to have a local fabric store that provides this quality of fabric. I live in a big city, but no dice on quality fabric. I love the neckline on the cotton version. Actually I love everything you make.

  5. I feel that way about all sheer knits...doesnt matter about the fiber content. Maybe you could try again in a sturdier knit. Love your white version.

  6. I feel that way about all sheer knits...doesnt matter about the fiber content. Maybe you could try again in a sturdier knit. Love your white version.

  7. Thanks for the inspiration. Your white blouse is classically elegant. Really enjoy your blog and your creations.

  8. Especially love the white one. I have used "Just a Pinch" several times, without the pinches, and notice how very similar it is to Liberty. Do you prefer Liberty? A lot of CLD patterns resemble TSW. Janet U

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    2. Thanks, Janet. I too have made CLD's Just A Pinch shirt. I like it very much also. The Liberty angles out at the hips and Just-A-Pinch is straighter. You can see the two key pattern pieces superimposed on one another in this post: My hips need more room so I prefer the Liberty more than the Just-A-Pinch. Hope this helps.

  9. Both versions are perfect! I love the knit one and wonder haw much you adjusted size for a knit?