Thursday, July 27, 2017

Lani Woven Tunic

This is my first foray into Style Arc patterns but it won't be my last. I am really taken with this design.

It's true that I'm very late to the party in just now trying out Style Arc. Although there are many lovely styles published by Style Arc, this is the one that called my name. And I was able to order it on Amazon, avoiding international shipping. On the down side, I later learned that these are sold by Style Arc on etsy for less. It's ok though for such a great pattern.

It took me way longer to make than it should have. I began by deciding to make up a toile (muslin) because there was no easy way to determine the finished hip measurements. Luckily my version of the pattern is a multi-sized paper pattern, giving me size options. I believe that Style Arc does not ordinarily issue multi-sized patterns.

I often make one size through the shoulders and bust, and go up a size in the hips. So my first toile was based on that assumption. It fit great through the shoulders and bust but was way too big through the hips. Hooray!

Next I retraced the pattern using a size 12 throughout. I recut the toile and made it up again. I loved it, even without the sleeves, even in a sickly yellow sheet cotton.

Finally I was ready to cut and sew the pattern in good fabric. I chose a cross dyed linen-cotton blend from stash. It is navy in one direction, cream in the other. It reads light blue-gray. I probably purchased it at Twill Fabric and Yarn store in Nashua NH, a lovely little shop.

I tested my fabric on the floor to make sure all the pieces would fit. Still plenty of space for a 2nd sleeve and facings.
 It took a bit of time to cut out because only the sleeves may be cut double layer. It's awkward even with my large cutting table, but it is a great way to make optimal use of a piece of fabric.

The bust is shaped with an armscye dart on the left and a princess seam on the right.
I did find myself tangled up on the seam allowances. The instructions say that the seam allowances are 3/8 inch, except for *internal* seams, which are 1/4 inch. That was a term I had never heard but I suspected that *internal* was being used where I would use *enclosed.* An email exchange with Style Arc confirmed my guess. The only 1/4 inch seam allowance was at the neckline where a facing enclosed it.

I love the little inseam pocket on the right front.
This is a winner. I think I'll make it again though it is quite distinctive looking. I'll surely make another Style Arc pattern. The instructions are brief (almost in the extreme) but accurate and easy to follow.


  1. I've had good luck with SA patterns; very little (if any) alteration needed straight from the pattern. Pants, tops, and dresses have been winners. So glad to have this company available. Be sure to get on her mailing list to get notice of sales, etc. Glad you love this!

  2. I have this pattern, but not yet constructed it. Glad to have your notes. Thanks...

  3. I've been pondering this pattern since I too haven't sewn with Style Arc before. I was hesitating because I'm not "one size" shoulder to hip but more like 3 sizes. I love your version! The linen is perfect.

  4. Very attractive. I also think your fabric choice is perfect.

  5. I have the SA Elle pants and Izzy top on at the moment. Love them both and made them more than once :) I really like your top made up in the linen. Looks nicer than the pattern drawing suggest it would be.