Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Artist In Motion, Revisited

Though I love trying out brand new-to-me patterns, it's also satisfying to use a familiar pattern in a new way. Artist In Motion (AIM) was published some years back by Cutting Line Designs. It includes that distinctive *vestie.* Incidentally I had the pleasure of supplying the name for this pattern.

This time around I was interested in creating a basic pull-over with some light-weight pin-striped linen. Using the basic lines of the AIM top, I constructed this piece:

The AIM top is almost rectangular in its shape with slightly dropped shoulders, perfectly straight side seams and a hem that cuts straight across. The pattern includes a hidden front placket. I eliminated that and cut both the front and the back on the fold. I created facings for both the back and the front pieces, with a slit in the front. It slides easily over my head.

I added a minor design feature, inspired by Diane Ericson's pocket challenge. I loved her circular pocket and hoped to create something similar. However, mine evolved into a different pocket.

Pocket constructions: First I cut a pocket facing and identical pocket bag. I added interfacing to the area of the pocket facing where I intended to cut the pocket opening. Then I used chalk to sketch the shape of the opening, sort of an extended kimono shape.

I placed the facing on top of the shirt front, carefully positioning the opening shape. Then, using a shorter stitch length of 2.0, I stitched around the shape. I cut the center of the design and flipped to the inside.

To complete the pocket, placed the pocket bag over the pocket facing on the wrong side of the shirt front. Then I stitched around the perimeter of the pocket. It looks a little like a longhorn. I like that.

The sleeves on this top run a little short on me so I did not turn in the recommended hem. Instead I added a double fold bias strip in the same brown and white gingham as in the pocket and the neck facing. I like the sleeves best folded up anyway.

I love this rich chocolate brown linen. I'm trying it here with my other *neutral,* red. I'm not sure about the brown and red combo, but it's growing on me.

See some of the pockets inspired by or created by Diane Ericson on Instagram.

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  1. I love the combination of the check trim on the striped fabric. I also like a red and brown color combo, but I usually have the red near my face and the brown on the bottom. I will have to try the reverse to see how it looks.