Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Goes With Everything!

I was delighted to see that my most recent make goes with so much that I have in my closet. This was definitely a hole that needed to be filled. These are the Pencil Pants from the Sewing Workshop.

These are yet another pair of pencil pants. This pattern is currently my favorite pull-on pant pattern for knits. There are so many reasons to make this a TnT pattern:
  • Elastic waist with a smooth waistline (no bunchy fabric at the waist)
  • Narrow cut to pants.
  • Sooooo comfortable
Like my previous pencil pants, these are made in a rayon-based ponte double knit. This is a beefy ponte, perfect for cooler weather, which finally arrived. They are a very dark brown, and so, difficult to capture in a picture.

After finishing them, I thought it might be fun to see how they fit into my current wardrobe:

The above picture shows these pencil pants with a MixIt tank, also in ponte, as well as an ancient silk tunic from Chico's.

The above jacket is one of those *five easy pieces* patterns from Vogue. This one is OOP 8546. It is made with a light weight textured wool that is delightful to wear. It has a hood, and I suppose it could double as a raincoat in a light rain.

This is a tunic made with a Marcy Tilton pattern. I love those huge pockets! This is Vogue 9171 in a cotton sateen.

This is a top made from the Sewing Workshop's Now and Zen pattern. It's the one with the double collar and hidden placket down the front. I shortened the sleeves recently. It is constructed with a Liberty of London cotton print and feels wonderful.

This top is made with the Sewing Workshop's Hudson pattern. The fabulous ikat cotton is from Stone Mountain and Daughter. 

Lastly, I think the pants look pretty good with my new Swing Tee dress, also in ponte. The dress is a rich teal color and pairs nicely with the dark brown pants.

I do love brown. So, next up, is a Sapporo Coat from Papercut Patterns. I have just the right textured brown wool from DEEP stash, and some linings that have marinated long enough too!


  1. I love your pencil pants, they go so well with a fuller top, so pretty!
    Would you be able to give me the pattern & number? I would love to add these pants to my wardrobe.

    1. Thanks! They are the pencil pants from the Sewing Workshop: https://www.sewingworkshop.com/shop/Pencil-Pants-Download-Only-p99788460

  2. I have the same request as Sandra, which pattern have you used to sew these elegant pants? All your outfits are awesome. Bravo

  3. These look like the epitome of simplicity, but I too wonder what company and number the pattern is from. Thank you.

  4. me too--pattern please! Of course you make any pattern look great and they should hire you or at least give you a commission for all the patterns we buy just because we saw them on you!

  5. Martha said in a previous post "Pencil Pants from the Sewing Workshop. These are currently my favorite pull-on knit pants ever. The only down side is that it is a PDF download only. "
    So my guess is that is the pattern she used.

  6. Edited to include the link to the pattern - the pencil pants from the Sewing Workshop. Thanks!

  7. Why do those pants look so much better on you than on the Sewing Workshop's model? The model's pants are wrinkling all the way from the knees down. Yours don't do that. Did you increase the diameter of the legs to make them hang more smoothly? I just don't need more wrinkles than I already have!

    1. I did not make any changes to the pattern. It may be that my ponte is more stable and beefy than theirs. I know they have some light weight ponte on their site. Maybe that's what they used.

  8. Thank you, Martha. I never would have bought this pattern from the pictures on the website. You really should be getting a commission:)!