Monday, May 18, 2020

Reading and Watching Too

For watching, I've just started Mrs. America on Hulu recommended by my DIL. Cate Blanchett is brilliant as Phyllis Schlafly. I loved it from the first scene. I'm also a big crime drama fan, watching Baptiste on Masterpiece. In that genre, I highly recommend Rectify and Reckoning on Netflix, both starring the very intense Canadian/Australian actor Aden Young. 

For reading, I've almost finished One for the Black Bird, One for the Crow, a period piece about two strong women on the Wisconsin frontier in the 19th century. It's based loosely on the author's grandparents. I'm enjoying it but I think it's too long. Or maybe my attention span is too short. 

I like the back better than the front.
For a group my husband and I are in, we're reading Evicted, an eye-opening account by a Princeton sociologist. Also for my activist bent, I'm reading American Prison, the history of our penitentiary system. Every other chapter describes the author's experience as a prison guard in Louisiana. 

I may need to read something light now.

I have a baby quilt in process. So far, I've constructed it with fabric on hand. But this is the point when I realize that I don't like making quilts. The color scheme chosen by these new parents is gray, blue, white and a little gold. My design went awry and it does not read baby at all. I have an idea to fix that and I will finish it though.

Have you two been watching Linda Lee each Tuesday on FB live? I've been enjoying it. She's such a good salesperson and I'm such a good customer. 

Hope you are inspired to create during this time of #stayhome.


  1. Gorgeous Quilt!
    Thanks for the series recommendations. Added to my list. love those actors!

  2. Martha, that quilt is stunning. And, if I remember right, baby's eye's love those strong contrasts.

  3. I rather like what you have done! It will look really good as a baby quilt. I too am almost finished with One For The Blackbird and One For The Crow. I too find it to be a bit too,long, although the storyline is certainly a good one. The author is local and she came to speak to our bout how she finds importance in having textiles in her books. She writes under another pen name, though I have (already?!) forgotten what it is! I have been working on two b i g quilt a long-term project ...but soon I can get back to clothing and I am just itching to make dresses again!