Monday, January 31, 2011

Christine Jonson Travel Trio I - Tee Shirt

What fun to (re)discover some soft rayon knit I bought at Gail K a couple of years ago. It's almost like free fabric so it is the perfect fabric to test the T-shirt in Christine Jonson's Travel Trio I t-shirt pattern. Not only is it soft, it is easy to sew and I love the chocolate color. (The color doesn't reproduce well in these pictures.) And it fits! So it's a definite choice for the upcoming Pam Howard class, SWAP* Knits Wardrobe. Now I just need to steam my wool jersey and cut out the top, skirt (Pam's Flirt Skirt), and jacket (pattern TBD - maybe the wrap top in this same pattern envelope).

I tried out the Jean Muir hem technique that Ginny brought up at Sew Incredibles recently. This is also covered in Marcy Tilton's book, Easy Guide to Sewing Tops and T-Shirts. It definitely improves the hems, giving them more weight and definition.

I used an old TNT Stretch-N-Sew technique from the 70's for the neckline. It's strip cut cross grain 2 inches wide, longer than needed for the finished neckline. First sew the binding to the neck edge, about one-to-one using a 1/2 inch SA. The jersey stretches a little as you go and this creates enough *give* in the seam. Then wrap the binding to the inside and stitch-in-the-ditch from the top. It's OK to trim the inside but I think it's more secure with the remaining SA left intact.

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