Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fussy Fabric; Simple Styles

My most recent projects have been quite fussy in terms of fabric choice: black textured sheer that does not like the iron, and black, black four-ply silk that my eyes don't like. But of course I love both pieces. They will be lovely to wear.

Just noticed I took the pictures before removing my basting thread from the armscye of the shell. Oops!
Two of my TNT patterns were used - Hearts A Flutter from Cutting Line designs for the shell, and the Plaza pants pattern from The Sewing Workshop. I'm really glad I was able to use these relatively simple patterns to accommodate these trying fabrics. Both of these were made from the four-ply silk purchased at Mood in NYC by sewing friend Patsy.

The jacket, described in a previous blog, was made from mystery fabric that almost certainly has mostly synthetic fabric. It is a novelty piece and perfect for the incredibly simple jacket designed by Louise Cutting and Linda Lee. It is the High Five from their joint pattern line, Shapes. I used remnants of the above four-ply silk to make a Chinese knot to use as a simple button closure.

Now I am totally ready to make something from fabric that is neither black nor fragile!

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  1. Those are my kind of styles and fabrics! Thanks for posting photos and details. The knot button is perfect on the jacket and I love the hand stitching on the shell. OK they're all black but you are going to get lots of wear out of each of these pieces, together and with other things.