Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sewing with Knits - Christine Jonson Travel Trio I

This past weekend Pam Howard once again gave an excellent class on knits for ASG Atlanta. I started a pair of the Christine Jonson Travel Trio I pants - a pattern I've used four times now. I sewed some and left totally inspired by her garments, techniques and enthusiasm. Thanks, Pam!

This week, I finished the pants and a matching top from the same pattern out of a ponte knit I purchased at Mary Jo's in Gastonia, NC. It is very soft and easy to work with. And I loved using Pam's technique for finishing seam edges, though of course no finish is really needed with these knits. It does produce some nice top-stitching on the outside. I think that one of reasons Pam's garments are so nice is the fabulous top-stitching she does. That's not the only reason, but it is one.

After the pants and top from ponte, I decided to take advantage of the new ballpoint needle to make a couple more knit garments. Knits are quick and mostly satisfying. The next project was another top, this time in slinky or ITY. I don't know the difference between them. I should google that...

That particular top looks cute, I think, but I really don't like working with the fabric. I always get lured into buying it because the colors are so great. Then it slips and slides and I don't end up wearing the garments much. I guess I really do love wearing all-natural fibers more. I must remember that the next time a slinky or other poly knit hooks a finger in my direction.

The final project in my knits binge was the Travel Trio I wrap jacket. I read Robin Denning's PR review and noted that she had to remove some of the bulk in the front. I too found that to be the case and may cut some off both sides. This will eliminate the asymmetric aspect but I think I'll like it better with less bulk around my middle.

What do you think?


  1. What a great mini wardrobe, Martha! I agree, I have bought lots of slinky fabrics, but when I do sew them up, I don't wear them. I need to remember that. :)

    It's too bad that you have to do surgery on the wrap tie jacket - it does look nice on the dressform, but whatever works best!

    Those pants look RTW (in a good way).

  2. Love your interpretations of this pattern Marthat. I may have to buy and test drive this pattern.