Wednesday, September 12, 2012

6PAC in progress

Artisan's Square has a challenge thread titled 6PAC - six piece autumn collection. Normally I sew whatever makes my heart sing at the moment, so I end up with a lot of this and that in my closet. I decided to try a little discipline.

The first part was the brown (yawn) column posted here. Then I moved on to something fun - Marcy Tilton's knit jacket posted here. Love, love, love that little jacket.

Then I was stumped. What next? Problem solved - I went back to Gail K and bought more of the ponte knits that I used in the jacket. Hooray for retail solutions!

From those ponte knits, I made another eDress and Ann's tank top, also from The Sewing Workshop (TSW). Wow - knits are so fast!

For this eDress, I shortened at the shorten/lengthen line about 5 inches to create what I think is a more flattering length for me. My first eDress is a maxi dress.

I used Louise Cutting's rule of thirds - measure the distance from the crease in the knee to the floor in bare feet. Best lengths are one-third up and two-thirds up. This eDress is 12 inches off the floor on me.

The tank top in TSW's Ann's Cardigan and Tank pattern was almost too easy. I followed their instructions completely, leaving all the edges raw and simply top stitching 3/8 inch from the edge. I did raise the neckline in the front a bit and I'm glad I did.

So the 6PAC is currently a 5PAC:

  • Brown cotton-Lycra mimosa pants.
  • Brown cotton-Lycra top from sheath pattern.
  • Solid gray and solid brown ponte knit Marcy Tilton jacket
  • Solid gray and solid brown ponte knit eDress
  • Solid gray Ann's tank top
'Course I am not proceeding quite so smoothly as this might indicate. I also went off in another direction, making that classic Marcy Tilton skirt, the one with all the bias bits (future post) from a yummy brown and white linen pin-stripe. 

But it doesn't go with the ponte jacket, so I'll need to make a matching Louise Cutting jeans jacket to accompany it. Eeewwww - maybe too matchy-matchy.

I'm realizing that a 6PAC or any of the sewing-with-a-plan variations require balancing statement pieces with the basics, as well as avoiding boredom and matchy-matchy. And there is a test at the end - how much will I wear these pieces? 

Another learning experience inspired by fellow sewers.


  1. Oh. I love this! Coordinating outfits is my favorite thing these days, much harder than it looks. Luv your matchy matchy comment!

  2. What a great little wardrobe you are going to have. Wonderful!

  3. looking good - not many pieces to go now

  4. They look terrific together. I agree that you need an interesing piece/print/fabric or two in a wardrobe plan. I made a full 12 piece SWAP of dull, dull, work clothes one year - 4 pr trousers, 7 plainish shirts and a cardigan. It has been incredibly useful but was unbearably boring to sew, and wear - not what I like in either sewing or my wardrobe.

  5. Martha - I love your dress and especially the tank top. I have that pattern but have done nothing with it. Now I'm inspired. However, our weather is cooling!!
    Marciae - from SG

  6. Good for you, for accomplishing so many pieces for your mini wardrobe. I've given up on sewing "wardrobes" because it's just too much of the same color/s. Matchy-matchy is very hard to avoid when sewing this way, IMO. A few pieces that work together are fine for my lifestyle.
    These pieces will work well together. Maybe you can add a colorful scarf, shoes or bag to liven them up when you want.

  7. I absolutely love these pieces and don't feel you are close to matchy match. The strong lines and color blocking are a statement with will set off your whole look. Add a print scarf, and/or jewelry...perfect!

  8. Those are lovely pieces, Martha. I generally don't sew with any real plan. I need to try to do better.