Monday, August 27, 2012

eDress - It's Growing on Me

Fishhead pose
Or is it just growing?

This is my first ePattern. Though I managed to make it difficult(*), it was really easy and fun. And I think I like the result.

This eDress from The Sewing Workshop is one of several downloadable patterns they issue. It is printed on ordinary printer paper, then with a small-scale schematic, you piece it together. Finally you either cut your size or trace it.

The fabric is a very inexpensive piece of poly knit from the WWIT part of my stash. The bottom piece is ponte, as is the lighter brown trim on the neck and armscye. I did not have enough of the lighter brown to cut it cross-wise, so it doesn't hug in properly. This is sort-of a muslin but I did wear it around the house and DH says it's cute.

Knits are a mystery to me. How do you make a muslin? Do you acquire various cheap knits with varying degrees of stretch? How about varying weights? And how do you know what size? Negative ease? (No) And will it grow as you wear it? So many unknowns.

OTH, knits are very forgiving, so perhaps I fret too much.

(*) It can be more frustrating mentally stimulating if you try to cut your size and piece the pages in one pass.


  1. Martha, that is a cute dress and I like the print with the solid colored band.

  2. Cute dress. Knits are mysterious. It seems that each one has to be "fit as you go".

  3. If its something special I try and use one of my cheaper fabrics that has a similar stretch as a muslin.

    I love the colours on your dress especially the contrasting band and does look cute on you.

  4. Your fabric choice is what really makes the dress. Such a wonderful print and it looks great on you.

  5. Re. knit muslins, I agree with Gwen. Each one behaves differently. I usually cut wider seam allowances for insurance, but rarely need them. Vertical stretch is the most common issue, and every now and then I end up with a wadder because of it.
    This is a nice looking dress and I do like the contrast solids. It will be fun to see what fabric you use next time!

  6. Hey, that knit looks familiar! I think it's one of mine I donated to ASG! You always make the nicest things out of fabric I donate. Remember the top? Dress looks fantastic. Where's the Vogue pose?