Monday, January 7, 2013

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As I continue to read, view and listen to Jude Hill of Spirit Cloth, I find new creative energy. I am currently working my way through Contemporary Boro 1 and look forward to continuing with Contemporary Boro 2 once it becomes available.

quilt cottons - not as malleable as old cloth

More quilt scraps

And more quilt scraps

Background from DH's shirt on its way to Goodwill

Shibori-tea-dye fabric with quilt scraps

Shibori-tea-dye fabric with quilt scraps

A start on embellishment - I like this one.

Learning some weaving from Jude
These are the experiments I am working on at the moment,  allowing her techniques and aesthetic to work its magic on me. I'm telling myself that it's OK to do what she does because eventually my own techniques and aesthetic will emerge.

Or I'll just have fun.

It's OK either way.


  1. Looks like you are have heaps of experimental fun - the best way to learn!

  2. Beautiful! Your "experiments" are making lovely little vignettes that I'm sure will spark even more creativity for you.

  3. Looking good, Martha! Great journey you have started.