Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sewing Gratitude

Here is a gift that I received during the just-past gift-giving season. A wonderful little sewing gift that I'll use over and over again. Pattern weights that I'm already enjoying.

I received this gift as part of a neighborhood group party where we optionally brought a gift and took a gift. But the gifts were anonymous so I don't know who gave this.

All that I know is that I am grateful for this small gift. It is a happy thought to think that these were made from small, pretty scraps of fabric (and I'm guessing large metal washers,  maybe a pair of them).

In the past I used my stainless steel knives as  pattern weights, mostly on knits or sometimes other fabrics that don't like straight pins much. These little textilian weights are much more fun to use, as they are hand-crafted and tactile. 
So perhaps I'll go use them to cut out Paco's Coolie Jacket.

I've decided to use a rich red silk noil from the stash for the face fabric, perhaps adding a little applique from a top I purchased at a fund-raiser for orphans in Honduras. I love the look of this Honduran embroidery. The top is not so great, but the embroidery is lovely.

And, as an added bonus, the fabric seems to be easy to stitch - maybe a linen or a cotton, loosely woven, a bit sheer.

This project approach fits nicely, I think, with a class I am taking from Jude Hill of Spirit Cloth. The class is titled 21st Century Rags and is about her approach to Boro styled clothing. She has a large collection of old and recycled fabrics. I do not. I have some pieces, but not a large selection.

One thought was to go to Good Will and acquire some old cloth. I've done that from time to time. But, do I really need more *stuff* right now? No.

So, I've decided that one way to try out her ideas is to incorporate them in with my own usual way of sewing. Shop the stash. 

Meanwhile. I am certainly learning to respect old cloth and will (continue to) throw away very little new or old cloth. It's good to know another way to use scraps, other than as stuffing for pillows going to the animal shelter.

Anyway, after some other auditions, here is what I'm thinking about for Paco's Coolie jacket:

Coolie Jacket - possible supplies


  1. Oh, I have just given away to charity bags and bags of old clothes (children's and mine). i figured you can't keep everything and better to give to someone else who can use the clothes. But I did keep all the vintage cotton sheets I inherited from my mother in law. Look forward to seeing what you make.

  2. Oooooh I am SO looking forward to hearing about your experience with Jude! Love love love her blog (and I think it was you who introduced me to it).

    Your pattern weights are lovely :) Isn't it fun to use really pretty weights?

  3. I'm anxious to see your Paco jacket. Nice pattern weights. I have washers, but haven't covered them, so they are just "ugh".

  4. Those pattern weights are a super idea for a quick little Xmas gift to a sewer. Looking forward to seeing your Paco jacket come to life...J