Monday, August 19, 2013

King of Clubs

Finessing the King
Each September my fiber art group - Fiber Art Fusion - has a show at The Art Place in Marietta. After that our show goes to the Southeast Fiber Arts Alliance for October.

This year our show was initially based on the phrase *not playing with a full deck.* It was decided that was too negative and so the theme became *it's all in the cards.*

Either way I was stumped.

I drew the King of Clubs. I did not want to be literal - such a cop-out. I wanted to stretch my artist's wings, which are barely emerging some days.

An obvious one-off is the golf association. I have never been interested in golf so that was out of the question.

But I did have a blast learning to play bridge when I first started grad school. I think it was the Queen finessing the King, with much help from the Ace that really hooked me. Such an interesting play when I first learned about it. Well, always more interesting when I held the Queen and my partner held the Ace.

This piece also reminded me that when I left grad school, I left behind Austin, dear friends and bridge. Never really played it again.

And my king did follow me.

Title: Finessing the King
24 inches X 36 inches
various silk remnants - noil, taffeta, dupioni, charmeuse, silk-cotton blend, silk suiting; 
hand-stitch and machine stitch.

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