Thursday, August 8, 2013


Cutting Line Designs (CLD) are fabulous for filling in holes, constructing columns, and just plain old fun sewing. Of course, they are also terrific for creating a whole wardrobe. But at this point during the summer season, I love something simple and predictable.

I just need to sew. Right now. Babysitting for grandboys ages 6 and 8. But I need to create.

So I did.

Pure and Simple (PAS) from CLD contains a shaped shell with cap sleeves that I have made at least six times. It also contains a jacket that I have never made. But I'm giving it some thought.

PAS is a classic. Sadly it is out-of-print, though I understand that Vogue fabrics still has it in stock.

After making and enjoying two dress designs from Marcy Tilton, I was searching for a simple summer dress. How about (one of) my favorite top patterns?

So simple. Just lengthened it about 15 inches, added about an inch to the hip area to allow for comfortable sitting, and curved the hem to match the original shell.

It fits exactly as I had hoped - a little bit of shaping in the waist area, otherwise just skims over my lumps and bumps.

The fabric is a linen-cotton design from Anna Marie Horner, part of her Field Study line. The print design demanded a simple stricture. It's a medium weight fabric that would work well for a skirt or a jacket too. And a simple summer dress, as it turns out.

Next up:
The Four-Square Dress from the Center for Pattern Design
(have the pattern tissue ready for a toile)
Four-Square Dress

Marcy Tilton's New Coat pattern
(have a partial toile cut out)
Vogue 8934


  1. Martha, this dress is gorgeous and flatters you very well! I love your signature touch you've been using lately with the rectangular patch/label at the back neck of your garments--it is a really neat detail!

  2. That fabric is just beautiful. The design fits so well with the PAS pattern. I hadn't thought of using it as a dress pattern. Sometimes the obvious is not so obvious in my brain! :) Definitely a great summer dress!

  3. Oh Martha, this has too much wow factor to be considered simple. The design of the pattern may be simple, but your eye puts this over the top!

  4. Beautiful, Martha! That dress makes a big impact in that stunning fabric.

  5. Pretty dress Martha and the fabric is lovely. I've made the Pure and Simple coat but never the top! The coat makes up beautifully. I also love, love the new Marcy Tilton coat pattern -- definitely will make it up for the fall.

  6. Beautiful dress, Martha. It's the fabric that makes it. Where did you find it?

  7. Beautiful dress, and very striking with your lovely coloring. I have been wondering what you were sewing :-)

  8. wow, lovely! On the dress from the Center for pattern design, is this one of the print and tape kind of patterns? If it's just one pattern piece cut four times maybe that's do-able. I like the look of their bias coat also....