Thursday, August 14, 2014

Straight Lines

11 x 14 Collage - linen, rough weave cotton, sheer papers, red tulle, bits and pieces
On Monday I put both contact lens in my left eye. And then I went to the gym and worked out. I was pleased when the lens popped back out in easy succession.

We had just hosted two of our grands for about 8 days - ages 5 and 8.

On Tuesday, my daughter called to remind me of my babysitting plan for the day. Not the plan I remembered either.

Today, after loading up my car with a sewing machine to donate to SEFAA, my car wouldn't start.

Things will improve. They always do. But just to be on the safe side I am sewing only straight lines for a while.

quilt top - about 50 x 80


  1. Straight lines - good plan.............

  2. Ah yes. When all that can go against the plan...does.

    Things will look up soon!

  3. Great plan, sounds very calming... love the collage!

  4. Like your collage - shades of Cas in there! ;-)
    Yes, the grands will do it to you! Ours are just 20 months and 3-1/2….I'm hoping we are still alive when they are 5 & 8! LOL
    Hope life is better for you today!


  5. Love the collage! Straight lines for now!

  6. Oh Martha! yes, only straight lines for awhile...

  7. The lines may be straight, but you make them oh so interesting!