Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Mandy Project

One-size. This free downloadable pattern from Tessuti (Mandy) is one size. Daughter tells me that one size means the one size that does not fit you.

It is actually a great pattern, especially if you can follow directions.

There is this 4 inch square printed on the paper to help you calibrate your printer. On my printer, it was a little off. I guessed that it was still one-size. Here is the result:

So I started again. I took the PDF file to my local big-box printer and ask if they could help. They said they could print it on wide paper, which was desirable. I expressed concern about the 4 inch square, so the helpful clerk opened it on her computer and changed the display to 100%.

Then she measured the 4 inch square by placing her ruler on the screen. It measured 4.5 inches. If I had not been grouchy, I would have laughed out loud.

I printed it anyway.

The stars aligned and the printed version was only off by about 1/16 inch. Here is the result:

Whew! better.
I actually like this one quite a lot. It is made from an ITY knit purchased from Marcy Tilton. It was easy to sew and it feels good on. But it is polyester and it is in the 90s today so I'll wait until the weather cools a bit before wearing it much.


  1. Wonderful print! The measuring the box on the computer screen reminded me of the old days when we used 3x5" floppy discs. When the clerk was asked to make a copy of the disc, she took it to the copy machine............

  2. Lovely print-it is vibrant and arty.

  3. I love the print and the looks lovely on you!

  4. Perseverance! I always say that's a sewist's most valuable trait! The result is great and you'll use this pattern again and again.

  5. Oh, version 2.0 is very nice - I love the print! The fit and style are very flattering, too. Nice!

  6. Version 2 is very nice! Are they that much different in paper? I wonder if some of the difference between 1 and 2 might be due to the fabric.

  7. I love that pattern, and the second finished top looks fantastic! (I have a Tessuti pattern that I am about to start.) As you may recall, I have been making some clothes for our little grand daughter and I've run into that 1" square box on the patterns. After making a similar mistake as you, I have now figured it out on my printer and it seems to be working like a charm! The top that you made would be nice in a cotton jersey - don't you think? I used to do a lot of cotton jersey dyeing and embellishing……emphasis on the 'used to'! LOL