Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Plain and Fancy

My sweet son gave me a cookbook titled Plain and Fancy, many years ago now. He thought I just needed encouragement. Back then I hated cooking. I was doing good to get everyone to sit down together to eat once a day, and sometimes that failed. Plain was all I could manage. No fancy.

Plain is a good description of my latest project - pants from CLD's one-seams and a shell from her Hearts A Flutter pattern. The result is a column of dark navy. 

The fancy part was the fabric - one of those Super 120 wools. I was shopping with several sewing friends when I bought it and, therefore, under the influence. It was worth it though. This fabric is light and yet buttery, warm when you want warm, and cool when you want cool. And lovely to sew.

But now I want details. And just in time, Vogue announces new spring patterns. There are some fabulous details to be found there:

in-seam pocket and a gorgeous cuff. Oh. My.
Ralph Rucci does it again in Vogue 1437. I don't even care what the rest of the pattern contains. I am swooning over the in-seam pockets and the amazing cuff. Actually it reminds me of an amazing sleeve that Diane Ericson created in one of her patterns. I must pull that out and try it again. Sadly, my first try must be labeled a lemon.

Look at the use of piping and those crafty bound button holes. Oh. My. Goodness.
Vogue 1443 by Sandra Betzina did not seem interesting at first, though it includes unusual sleeves. This close-up of the button holes and a glimpse of her use of piping has me rethinking this one. Details are what made her TV show such fun.

And this is just so sweet. I have the perfect fabric for it.
Vogue 1436 is a design by Anne Klein. It is just the right combination of plain and fancy. I love it in this pretty blue-purple but I have a printed piece recently purchased from Marcy Tilton that will be just right, I think.

Speaking of Marcy Tilton, she came through with two terrific and totally wearable patterns too. I am particularly happy to see that the pieces do not require knits. Though I love knits, details really require more stable fabrics, I think. 

Vogue 9081. I am intrigued by the dress with its slight bell shape. 

It's time to try fancy. I might even try a fancy recipe but tonight we're going out to eat.


  1. At first glance, I wasn't very impressed with the new collection, but as I look closer and find more of the fun details, I'm sure I'll have to pick up a few to add to the collection!

  2. Plain can sometimes be good, as your top and pants show. I'm sure they'll be great basics in your wardrobe. And I see some potential future fancy pieces to pep it all up! Looking forward to seeing how you use these new patterns.

  3. Well, I think that elegant Ralph Rucci jacket is both plain and fancy! I would love to see you try it.

  4. The older I get the more I like plain. Maybe my eyes need a rest or something? Dunno. I love your dark wool stripe, Martha! Very timeless and elegant.

  5. Hi Martha, love your use of the wool with the CLD patterns. May I ask how you pretreated it? I have some, and would love to use it with a pattern like the ones you chose, but really don't want to dry clean it. thx, always enjoy your posts

  6. "...column of navy" Thank you-I need to remember this as I plan for basics. I also like the Marcy Tilton patterns and look forward to trying the dress/cardi combo.