Monday, July 13, 2015


Derwent inktense pencils:

Before activating the color with water

After activating the color

The color, like most liquid color on fabric, is difficult to control. Next time I'll use aloe instead of modgepodge to activate with water.

Here are some pieces that I've been collecting from various slow natural dye experiments. No intent to control here at all. Just enjoying the surprise.

The above pieces were dyed with rusty objects, yard mushrooms, yard blossoms, red cabbage, purple onion, and wild strawberries. These were dyed with just a little vinegar and time.

Now I'm adding the element of heat. I guess I'm pickling these pieces. The dye is from Camilla blossoms. More pink, but only time will tell.

Just out of the pot!

My dyeing experiments are limited by the fact that I am trying to avoid toxic elements. And I want to use what I have.

Some little drawings sent to Spoonflower:

Drawn my granddaughter Hannah

My editing abilities are limited by software and stubbornness.

I'm learning some things about photographing, scanning, and editing images. Just learning.


  1. Your natural dye experiments are wonderful. Would it be possible for you to lay out the pieces and tell us what each one was dyed with. I like doing it too and am always seeking inspiration. I hear black beans give a lovely blue and avocado pits and skins give a warm, coppery pink, although I can't speak from experience as I haven't used them yet. I'm saving avocado pits in the freezer so I have lots to experiment with. I only just heard that you can use the skins as well. That would be fun to try.

  2. How fun! Would like to get involved in some dying at some point, but too many other irons in the fire right now.

  3. This looks fun, interesting, and will be a source of inspiration in all parts of your creative life! Pickling art. :-)

  4. Oooohhhh! I know absolutely nothing about natural dying but am so interested. Please tell more.
    Your granddaughter did a great job on the horse drawing. She is very talented.

  5. The drawings by both yourself and your grand daughter are delightful!

  6. This was fun! I like the inktense colors, must look into...