Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sew Kansas 2015

Nirvana for a fan like me. 

NOT made by me! This is a piece made with silk kimono pieces by Kathy at TSW. I photographed it for inspiration. 

Three days with Linda Lee of the Sewing Workshop in her shop in Topeka. The Mother Ship. 

A huge room full of TSW pieces from the past. A museum, really. Starting with the earliest pieces. Still beautiful. Still current. 

Gorgeous fabrics, buttons and everything you would ever want surrounded the 10 of us as we created, learned and chatted. 

Linda and her associates, Kathy and Erin were their to guide, teach, and of course inspire. Each day was a three woman fashion show in situ. 

All the pieces in the current line were available not only to touch and examine but also to try on in each size. So lots of great pattern fitting was happening too. 

I'm still buzzing. 

Left to right: Nancy, Linda, me. 

My sweet sweet sister in law took the class with me. Here we are, a little rumpled from a full day of sewing. Linda invited us to her home for dinner one night. Just as beautiful as you would imagine. And the evening was filled with good food and great women. 

More to come...


  1. Oh how fun! Like the new hair "do"

  2. Just fabulous, Martha! And I had to look twice because of your new haircut. I LOVE IT!

  3. Eager to hear more, sounds wonderful!