Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Cortona Top

This top is made using the Siena and Cortona pattern from The Sewing Workshop (TSW). I made the Cortona view. The Siena is very different and also quite an interesting design.

As usual, I made some goofs. I carefully cut each piece out single layer so that I could match the Ikat patterns in some way. Grain lines got in the way of matching everywhere, but the front is good.

Too bad I forgot about the back. The front piece wraps to the back, creating the peplum. I did not realize how the peplum was constructed until I was sewing it. And I do know better than to cut it out without reviewing the instructions.

Initially I was disappointed in this, as the seam lines looked odd to me. But then there is always sashiko, which I  love anyway. I will continue to add some but it is pretty much finished now.

The fabric is a yummy soft cotton Ikat that I bought in Austin, TX at the now defunct Common Thread :(.

The buttons are mottled navy blue ones from Gail K here in Atlanta. I organized them in pairs but it is not really noticeable.

As I was cutting I  noticed that there are some brownish discolorations throughout the piece. I had washed this previously and plan to wash it again. Maybe those spots will come out. Or maybe they are part of the charm of the piece. I am at peace with it either way. More sashiko, if needed.

The Cortona is a sweet pattern from The Sewing Workshop, a sleeper really. It has puzzling (e.g., fun to sew) lines in the front and a charming peplum in the back.

The collar contains a cut-on collar band. It's been years since I constructed a shirt with that collar but it went together easily. As usual from TSW, the instructions were clear and easy to follow.

My sleeves use the Lucille Ball cuffs. The sleeves are 3/4 length in the pattern, as well as in my version. But the pattern calls for a continuous bias vent plus a narrow cuff. It's pretty but I wanted to make the Lucille Ball cuffs again.

I believe that the Siena will be fun to make too. It is completely different from the Cortona, so really you get two patterns for the price of one here. I think the Siena will also make an interesting vest, maybe to layer over the Cortona.

Oh, to be back in Cortona!


  1. I really like the design of the sashiko. And a nice, pretty jacket!

  2. Really like your version of the Cortina! The cuffs and the Sashiko make it special?

  3. Your shirt is lovely. The buttons are noticeable and the peplum is really lovely.

  4. Such an interesting jacket. Very nice.

  5. Beautiful jacket, Martha...the only problem with it is that it's not in MY closet! ;)

  6. Let me give you my address so you can get it out of your closet! :-) I love the sashiko, the buttons, and the cuffs. It is just lovely.

  7. I bought this pattern last March at the Atlanta Expo but I have not ventured into it yet. I absolutely love the fabric and the Sashiko. I am another who would be glad to take it off your hands. I could meet you at Gail K's and save the shipping charges.

  8. What a lovely top! I had seen the schematics of this pattern but didn't realize how nifty it really was! Thanks for your review.