Saturday, September 5, 2015

Sashiko the Nancy Shriber way

Many years ago I took a sashiko class from Nancy Shriber. I have taken other sashiko classes since. Each one has added a bit to my repertoire. I adore using sashiko here and there.  Whenever something is needed in a piece, sashiko is my first thought.

Next month I will teach sashiko techniques to a group of quilters in a local guild. I thought it might be fun to make a few fresh samples for the class. So of course I started where Nancy started me.

  • Solid indigo colored silk dupioni
  • Embroidery needle
  • Cotton flannel
  • Design template (here it is called, pampas grass, I think)
The imperfection is what I like. It's a good thing too!

This is an easy and gratifying technique. The pattern is traced onto the cotton flannel backing. The flannel is layered on top of the silk piece and stitching is done from the back.

Silk dupioni is such a dramatic fabric. The color changes with different lighting.

To set off the 12 inch block of stitching, I framed it with plain silk dupioni. I harvested stuffing from an old stained pillow in the living room, cut out a plain back and finished it.

So why haven't ever made a sashiko pillow before? I loved making this.

Silk + Sashiko = Sweet Satisfacition


  1. I, too, have taken several classes from Nancy Shriber. Lovely and talented lady!

  2. Pretty! I was recently contemplating trying some sashiko and was sad to see that Nancy has retired and has closed her website! I missed it!

  3. Beautiful pillow Martha! I knew Nancy when she was just starting and showing her work at the Williamsburg Wearable Art and quilt shows. She used to shop and hang out at the same fabric store in Alexandria VA where I taught classes in the 90's. All gone now for many years.