Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Orange and Purple

I volunteer each Wednesday at a food pantry. It's quite a large operation, providing a market-style experience to about 200 families each Wednesday. Several times a year we volunteers participate in city-wide activities that raise money for our operation and others providing a similar service. And we receive brightly colored T shirts. This year's is bright orange and last year's was purple.

These T shirts are sized for men, wider through the shoulders and more narrow through the hips. I am not shaped like that and I never end up wearing these shirts. But I do like to combine them into a shirt that fits.

I was not terribly adventuresome with this project, using Grainline Lark T shirt pattern pieces. This is a basic (ladies) T shirt pattern that fits me. I cut the front and back from the body of orange T shirt (sized XL), and the sleeves from the body of the purple one (sized M).

Orange and purple is a cheerful color combination, I think. Makes me smile.

This is a good reminder to always have fun while sewing. This was all fun.


  1. cool way to combine T-shirts - it is bright and cheery.

  2. Awesome!!! I have bought over-sized promo T-shirts and cut them down but never thought of combining them. This is great!

  3. What fun! I have purple and pumpkin orange being card woven on the band loom and braided on marudai/kumihimo stand. Lots of fun. Great colors and good for you for volunteering!

  4. oh, I missed this post!! So glad I found it as the combo of purple and orange is just so cheerful. I have a number of horse product Tshirts...hmmmm