Saturday, April 14, 2018

Blue Green Machine

Now that spring seems to be here to stay for a few weeks, I find myself wanting blues and greens in my wardrobe. When I finished my latest Tabula Rasa (Fit for Art) jacket in a blue-green cross dye, I wanted more.

Just about a year ago I finished a pair of Fit for Art Eureka Pants in green linen. I pulled the remnants out and realized I could just barely squeeze out a MixIt Top from the Sewing Workshop. This is my go-to top, especially when I make pants and have enough left over.

Since I've made it so many times, it goes together quickly. I fiddled around with the closure and may still come back to it. I also made the collar a bit taller.

I had always thought this green linen was a cross dye. It reads that way, but when I cut a square for the back I saw that it is not. I guess the threads are just multi-colored so that it reads less flat that a solid colored linen.

It looks a little stubby in this picture, but I think it'll look fine with the matching green pants. Or maybe it's too much green!?! Hope I don't look like Mr. Green Jeans.

Sewing with these colors is quite soothing. I think I'll make something else blue or green next, continuing with the spring theme.


  1. I love that top - and the closure makes it.

  2. I really like this top and jacket. You did a great job.

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  4. What a wonderful combo of color and texture!