Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Final June Sewing

Sorry - no make up.
A hat. Yes, a hat. It looks quite silly on me but works for my daily walks. And I like that it's washable.

This is the Sorrento Bucket Hat. I admired it on fadanista for quite a while and finally purchased it.

It's a PDF download and almost free. I printed it right away. Then I let it sit around in my sewing room for a month or so. Yesterday, I finally traced the pattern pieces and made one.

There are 3 sizes contained in the pattern. I chose the middle size and love the fit.

It was so satisfying to make. Everything fits perfectly together like a quality puzzle. I did a lot more stay-stitching than the instructions indicated. There are two critical seams where the pieces need to be clipped and spread. I'm much more secure with lots of stay-stitching for any seam that requires slash and spread.

The fabric is kind of funny I think. I bought it from Louise Cutting at a Sewing Expo. I'm not sure what possessed me. It is travel themed with writing and pictures of old-fashioned satchels (grips, as my great uncle used to call them). The writing said *Go away.* Seriously.

Cut up and assembled as a hat, I like the fabric just fine. The pattern recommends sturdy fabric like denim. This is a cotton canvas and just right for a hat, I think.

The hat can be reversible but I put a label inside mine and used the same fabric for both the main fabric and the lining.

And now I see so many possibilities.


  1. That hat looks really cute on you!
    Good job

  2. Super cute. You've reminded me I need to make bucket hats for my soon to be grandkid!

  3. Fun hat! Ahh, I miss visiting LC's fabric booth at Expo's. She no longer comes to the one near me.