Monday, January 11, 2021


Brown is my favorite color. When I was first playing with paint, I always created brown. Of course, I did not yet understand the way colors blend. I'm still working on that but have realized that I love brown anyway. I also live for chocolate.

So here is my chocolate column. It is composed of a swing tee in cotton (plus a little lycra maybe) jersey, and modified Helix pants in a very firm darker brown ponte. 

I was pleased to find a really good cotton jersey at Gail K, my go-to local fabric store. I think it has a little lycra in it because it recovers nicely. My burn test showed only cotton.

It was easy to manipulate without a lot of curling. I chose the Swing Tee from the Sewing Workshop. I've made this a number of times extended into a dress, and once as a tunic. It's a longish tunic so I thought I'd need to shorten it. Evidently when I cut it I extended it. So this time, I went with the original downloaded pattern plus sleeves extended to full length.

Using a combination of rotary cutters and scissors, I cut it out single layer. First I cut one side with center front pins extending into the fabric to prevent me from accidentally cutting down CF. I also placed a nip at center front at the neckline and at the hemline. This allowed me to then flip the pattern tissue and precisely line it up down center front. 

I used Linda Lee's standard of making the neck binding 7/8 of the neck opening and it worked like a charm. I wanted to keep the seam allowance pressed down, so I added some feather stitch to this area. For balance, I added this to the sleeve hems.

I intended to make a collar but was having such a good time that I forgot about that. Oh, well. Next time.

I added a little kantha scrap to the back neckline. That's it. So satisfying.

I also made some new brown ponte Helix pants. My standard change to that is to simply add a waistband. I like the fit so much better this way.

Here with Odette tee shirt in cotton knit 

These are very simple makes and basic garments, but still amazingly enjoyable to me.

So what are you sewing to take your mind off the current state of the world?


  1. I, too, love brown and would give anything to have some of that cotton!
    Decided to resume my blog, Cashmere Sally, and I know at one time you read it.
    Linda Lee is inspiring us all to greater wardrobes, for sure!

    1. Wonderful! I've signed up to receive info on your blog.

  2. So simple, yet so elegant. Your feather stitch is so even. I love the creative touches you add to your garments and always enjoy your blog.

  3. I do always like your makes, so interesting. I too like brown, but it seems to have fallen off the radar at the moment. I do think it is due for a revival though.

  4. These are lovely garments! Your work is always exquisite. I've always had my eye on the Odette and you make me think I'm finally gonna order it. ..... BTW, how do you add a waistband to the Helix? I'm getting ready to make another pair . . . .

    1. Thanks! I measure the top of my pants, then cut a rectangle that length (plus SA) and 3" wide. I sew it into a circle then attach it to the top of the pants, RST. Then I cut a piece of elastic that is comfortable on me, stitch it into a circle, and wrap the waistband around it. I stitch in the ditch in sections. HTH!