Monday, March 26, 2012

Charleston Fashion Week 2012 - Fashion as Art

My personal fave from winning designer Hannah Goff

Lindsay, Summer and me *

Adrienne Antonson - viewers choice designer

Mychael Knight and me
Just back from a weekend full of eye-candy: Charleston Fashion Week. It was such fun to attend an event where people-watching is not only acceptable but expected. What a colorful group of people. I could not tell the designers from the mere mortals - much creativity was on display.

And the winner was Hannah Goff. I really did like her designs best, of the ones I saw. I attended Friday evening and Saturday evening, so missed seeing the designers who showed on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Even with two nights, I was on inspiration overload. I can only imagine how it would have been to attend all 5 evenings. I have no idea how the judges sort through all of this wearable art.

Hannah Goff's designs are very rich in color, print, texture and layers. The layers were not so obvious from where I was sitting, but now that I have been able to review her looks at the Charleston Magazine web site, it is ever so clear why she won. I would love to know more about her process.

More information and fabulous pictures are available here:

*I worried needlessly about what I had brought with me to wear. Luckily I remembered what dear old Daddy used to say - "No one is looking at you anyway." Never was this mixed message more appropriate. I chuckled to myself, feeling much reassured that, indeed no one was looking at me.

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  1. Thank you for the report on this event, and you look fabulous in the photo!

    We love to go to Charleston so I definitely think this event will be added to the must-do list.