Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cuffs, too

Pockets not withstanding, these shorts belonging to DSD have clever cuffs too! I had thought that there was a little tuck under the clever pockets. But no, it's actually a clever cuff. Now I'm on a mission to replicate the cuffs AND the pockets.

Side seam with cuff peaking out

Facing from top layer sewn to the cuff

Inside seam - cuff gently curves back into hemline

Designer of these cute shorts
I'm thinking the cuff will work equally well on a sleeve or even cropped pants. They are quite cute on these shorts, but I stopped wearing short shorts in the 80's. And it's the details I love anyway.

When I am back home in my sewing space, I'll try out some muslin pieces. It looks like the top layer has a shaped facing that attaches to the top of the under layer. Nothing unusual going on with the grain, so it should be pretty straight-forward. Can't wait to try it.

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