Thursday, May 31, 2012

Me-Made-May Reflections

Today is the last day of May. Like others perhaps, I began the month with great enthusiasm for this challenge - to wear something I made every day. Early on, I was diligent. Then life intervened and I was a slacker, at least with respect to MMM.

Lessons learned:

  • I have lots of clothes, an embarrassment of riches.
  • I have many, many tops for summer time. 
  • Sewing bottom pieces will be my new focus, focused especially on orphan tops.
  • I tend to reach for the same pieces each day.
  • I should clean out my closet.
Here are my MMM faves:
Cutting Line Designs The Blouse Perfected  in cotton shirting

Cutting Line Design Pure and Simple Shell in cotton from Mozambique 

PJs - self-drafted top, monpei pants from Japanese Field Wear by Folkwear

TSW urban pants in rayon/linen blend, cotton sateen, and linen; TSW hudson pants in cotton, TSW plaza pants in tencel and 4-ply silk, Kwik Sew pants in cotton pique.
The following tops cover most of the rest of May:

CLD Hearts A Flutter in cotton denim

V1215 in light weight cotton pique

Folkwear middy blouse in light weight linen

Batik Butik 105 Spice and Style

TSW Quincy in linen

TSW Trio vest as a top in cotton sateen

CLD Pure and Simple Shell in linen

CLD Hearts A Flutter Shell, lower part in Japanese cotton; upper fabric unknown

TSW Mimosa Top in Japanese cotton

TSW Mimosa Top in Japanese cotton

Self-drafted top in cotton kimono pieces

TSW Mix It Top in cotton shirting

TSW Mix It Top in light weight cotton pique


  1. great collection. I think we are all the same in that we each have our favourite pieces that we go to all the time - despite making lots of clothes.

  2. Great looking, arty clothing. I like it!