Wednesday, April 10, 2013

High Five Jacket for Warm Weather

I really like the way the hem drapes with the front shorter than the back.
Each time I see someone wearing a High Five jacket (from Shapes, the joint venture between Louise Cutting and Linda Lee), I am reminded how much I like it.

So easy to make; so easy to wear. There are many ways to alter it but I'm happy with it in its original form and proportions.

I made one in a very dressy black and enjoy wearing it. However I seldom have occasion to get that dressed up. So I've been on the look-out for just the right fabric to make one that I will be able to wear often.

Just recently Terri posted a gorgeous white Hearts A Flutter over-blouse. I kept visualizing how pretty that is and then, voila, a lovely sheer cotton appeared at Gail K. Thanks, Terri!

Decided against a standard button hole with this light-weight fabric. For now I have a loop on each side and a turned tube tying them together. Something else may occur to me later - for now this is fine, I think.
This fabric is a soft, sheer white cotton with overall embroidery similar to dotted swiss (though softer) and then a pretty border embroidery. It should work nicely over any column, I think. I'm thinking I'll enjoy it quite a lot with a navy linen column made late last fall.

It's a cheerful spring day here - hope your day is cheerful too!


  1. Looks beautiful and flowing - I can just picture it with navy underneath ... J

  2. So soft and pretty! Beautiful fabric. It's nice to see something different, you do this so well.

  3. So pretty! That's a top that you can wear in warmer weather, when in an over air-conditioned room, or on chilly nights. Love it.

  4. Beautiful meld of fabric and pattern...when I first saw this at SG, I immediately made a list of patterns from Shapes to try.

  5. I love this little shape - its going to be so versatile over things.

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  7. Sorry, I got my comment on the wrong post. But I love your High Five jacket--isn't this a great pattern? I need to get some of my Shapes patterns out for spring & summer