Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Kinenbi pants

You may remember this OOP pattern from TSW - the Kinenbi top and pants. The top is definitely more memorable than the pants because it was such a signature asymmetrical piece from TSW, one of those very big shirts with an Asian feel.

The pants are sort of interesting, I think. Very narrow pull-on pants. Evidently I made them years ago and they were too short. Now they seem OK, at least with sandals.

Oh, yeah, I might have been taller then.

These are made with a limited quantity microfiber. I had too little to make any other pair of pants without piecing the crotch. I've done that, but not today.

This microfiber has been in my stash perhaps as long as this pattern has been there. It's a very dark charcoal-chocolate color. Let's call it crude oil.

Despite my strong preference for natural fiber fabrics, especially linen, these pants were a dream to sew and they feel wonderful on.

Here they are with my Katherine Tilton top from Butterick 5891.

I was thinking that this top has a different silhouette but now I see that it is very similar in shape to the Hibiscus shirt from TSW. The pattern pieces and construction techniques are completely different. Both have unique (and different from each other) peplums. Both have a single unexpected pocket (again different from each other). Both fit through the chest and shoulders then flare over the hips/tummy. Both were great fun to make.

Actually I like both tops a lot.


  1. I love this ensemble on you Martha. It is very fresh, interesting and yet soothing as a whole.

  2. I think they'll be perfect with summer sandals and they are the perfect pair to your new top.

  3. Thank you for mentioning this pant pattern. The Kinenbi has become my TNT pant pattern, although I must say that I've heavily altered it over the years so that it probably does not even resemble the original any more. Except in the crotch curve--I've kept that as the original because it fit me so well. I love this pant. Your outfit is beautiful! Very interesting observation about the similarities between the Katherine Tilton top and the SW Hibiscus shirt. I wouldn't have thought of that off the top of my head, but you are absolutely right!

  4. Trousers are a perfect length for sandals - I tend to wear them shorter in summer with sandals. And with the relaxed shirt will also work with shorter length. Trousers have inched up as well in the last year or so.

  5. That's a super outfit. Good job!

  6. Thanks for reminding me how much I loved my Kinenbi pants. I think I shall make a new pair. Your outfit is beatiful. I love your sense of style. All my favorite patterns designers. Thanks for taking time to share your creations with all of us sewing groupies.