Thursday, January 12, 2012

SAM 1 - Hibiscus from The Sewing Workshop

The Hibiscus shirt was published by the Sewing Workshop years ago. In fact, I cannot find it on their website so maybe it's OOP. I've had it in my stash a while. I kept pulling it out and thinking about it. Then Blue Mooney started the Shirt-A-Month (SAM) challenge on Artisan's Square. I decided it would be my SAM #1.

completed collar & stand
The pattern contains some challenges. The right front goes together like an origami puzzle. I read a review at PR that warned of the need to mark all notches and dots, but I missed a few. On the right front. Yikes!

When I'm making something challenging, I keep the pattern tissue handy to reference again and again. First I had to mock up the right front with the three right front pattern pieces. Then I (re)marked everything. It was still a bit of a 2D-to-3D challenge.

Before inserting collar
The collar stand and collar were very satisfying to make. Sewing friend Lorraine taught the David Coffin method at my ASG neighborhood group a while back. You basically complete the shirt-plus-collar-stand, leaving an opening in the top of the collar stand. Then the finished collar is simply inserted into the opening and it is edge-stitched in place around the collar stand.

shirt sandwiched between stands

right front

right front inside

Finished back

Finished collar and stand

TSW Hibiscus
I kept the outside of the stand on top while sewing, and now wish the inside had been on top, but it still looks pretty good, I think. To Lorraine's (David's) method, I added some stay-stitching on both the upper collar stand and the edge of the finished collar. This made it easier to match up the stitching lines while pinning it.


  1. All your work was worth it, Martha, because how cute is this?! The plaid is great and the contrast touches are perfect.

    This is on my todo pile and I need to get to it!

  2. Brilliant shirt - 1 down, 11 to go!!! I am going to try this method with the collar next time as it looks and sounds much easier, and gave you perfect results....

  3. Great shirt and design Martha. I also have the pattern but haven't made this shirt pattern yet. The angles and bias are great. Makes one wonder why they discontinued this pattern and kept others?

  4. Wonderful combination of fabric and this pattern. I too am re-examing a few older SW patterns for this year. You've got a great start to 2012.

  5. Your details are so exquisite - love the plaid!