Monday, May 6, 2013

B5881 Fini!

B5881 Fini
Just completed my (first?) version of Butterick 5881. I think I'm going to enjoy it. Only time will tell.


  • Shape - so easy
  • Proportions - don't normally like shorter skirts on me, but here I think it's necessary
  • Slot openings on the horizontal seams of the tunic
  • Happy accident that led to this neckline.
  • Not 100% happy with my choice of fabrics. May have a touch of the clown to it. Or Miss Firecracker.
  • A bust dart would be good.
  • It (still) gapes a little under my arm - probably should have made a 10 instead of a 14.

Otherwise, I'm entranced with this design, this pattern, and the whole idea of easy slip-on dresses.

Layers joined only at the armholes

I like the way the back kicks out.

Used a shirring technique with elastic in the bobbin rather than ordinary elastic.
It's OK with white legs too, I'm thinking. Hoping.


  1. It's adorable on you! You've totally convinced me; I'm making it :)

  2. I think your version is totally cute! I really like the little bit of elastic shirring on the back. I'm still waiting on my pattern to be delivered so I can make one too. On the slow boat to Canada.

  3. I definitely think it's a keeper. And it will be great for July 4 picnic. Seriously, I think it's cute and doesn't look clownish at all. I hope to start my #2 version this week.

  4. this looks very cute on you! I'm not normally a "dress" person for my own wardrobe, but this pattern really has a lot of creative design potential. I'd love to see you make it up again in a totally different selection/style of fabrics.

  5. Fun, fun, fun!
    After all the problems my husband has had with skin cancer, I say, horray for white legs;)

  6. I love it so much I may alter my spring sewing plan yet again. I'm currently working on V 8876 and dragging my feet for some reason.

  7. Cute! And love your fabrics.

  8. Martha, that is a really fun looking top- I think it will look lovely over white as well. I'm also nominating you for the One Lovely Blogger Award. You can collect it from my blog, or if you would prefer to pass, that is fine too.