Thursday, May 30, 2013

Stardust Skirt

This is a vintage style skirt from the 1930's by Decades of Style and is part of my on-going attempt to love skirts. I think it's working, BTW.

My mother graduated from high school in the 30's and so I imagine her in this style, coming into her own, trying to decide what to do with the life ahead of her.

With the very few options available to women at that time, she chose to take some business courses and became a stenographer. Now, there's a job title you don't see much anymore!

Worn with another TNT - CLD's pure and simple shell in African cotton
Anyway, back to the startdust. It's a simple A-line skirt with a few extra details. It has two (what I would call) gores on one side, and it dips slightly in the back. It fit pretty well right out of the envelope, based on my hip measurement. Even the recommended hem placement was right for me, I think.

This is likely to become a TNT pattern. Easy to make, easy to wear. I'm thinking the next one will be made in linen, a soft but slightly beefy one, so it drapes nicely. And I'll use piping on the waist instead of the traditional waistband included in the pattern. And I'll flip the pattern pieces over so that the zip goes on the left side.

the gores are on the right in this picture

I reduced the width of the waistband, but I'd like it even better with no waistband!


  1. oh, this is nice. I have spent this morning sorting my skirt patterns to find a good candidate for some stash fabric which needs a job. I love the side panels, and I agree about no waistband next. FYI-I am "organizing a DOS sewalong on PR in the next week. Hope you stop by.

  2. My late mom used to write all her Christmas lists in shorthand because nobody else in the family could read them! Brought me back, it did.

    Cute skirt! I really like the asymmetrical gores.

  3. I love wearing skirts during the summer. So much cooler than pants and they look so much better than shorts. The added bonus is that we look like ladies!!! Lovely skirt.

  4. Somehow I'd missed this post. I'm trying to get more into skirts myself. It's a slow go for me. I do love a good denim one, however. I think you've found a great go to pattern!