Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Many Faces of B5881

Butterick 5881 has many faces, and they are not all views. I wondered why there were 3 views when it really looks like the only differences are trim and choice of fabric.

I have discovered new facets in this unique style.

Um yes, unintended consequences. SNAFUs. Design opportunities.

Here is what I *thought* the underdress would be:
My muslin/underdress
I am making view C - here is the real underdress:
There was another cutting line on the front and the back of the underdress, intended for use with coordinating fabrics (as in View C). Also I cut the denim muslin/underdress with the pattern pieces upside down. No problem, I said to myself. Just have to remember to flip all the others. Ah-hem.

And here is the tunic portion:
I had intended to raise the neckline and lower the hem. Got confused. I'm just going with it.

The dress might look something like this when I finish:

It's a tunic over a dress. How about that?

There are so many more design options than I initially thought. A tunic. A simple dress made from the (full) underdress, and of course many ways to mix colors and textures in a pattern with so many pieces. I think there are 19 pieces. Or were there more?

I cut a size 14 and really should've gone with a 12. I've had to take in the side seams enough to avoid over exposure. 

I'm already visualizing ways to apply these pieces to other patterns I have. I'd really like a bust dart and maybe a V neck. B5881 is turning into a rich source of ideas. 

Give it a go!


  1. I'm following your journey with this dress with interest - I really wasn't all that attracted to the pattern at first, but it's grown on me, so I ordered it in the last sale.

    It's moving towards the top of my list now....

  2. I'm saving this post for the morning when I am fresh. See you then.

  3. Interesting dress pattern!

  4. This is going to be really fun-

  5. It does get confusing! It has so many possibilities. Looking forward to the end version with these fun fabrics.